Reverse engineering services

We offer a measurement service and reverse engineering services to assist customers in duplicating old components and parts which are required to produce new ones.

We’re committed to producing high-quality components and that’s why we carry out a vigorous inspection during the production process to reduce the potential for human error.

We have a team of specialists who have many years’ experience in reverse engineering and the knowledge to see a project through from the initial design stage through to completion, even when reverse engineering is required to develop the most complex components.

Our reverse engineering service is used by clients across several industries who no longer have access to their original CAD file, either because the file no longer accurately represents the part which needs to be manufactured or because they would like to develop a new part entirely.

If you need to make manufacturing design changes to a part, but don’t have the original data or documentation for this, we can help. We have the equipment in house which can help to take any component and identify the missing the specifications and data required to manufacture it.

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