At Micrometric we work in partnership with our customers to help them develop often highly complex and technical solutions to their manufacturing problems.  

We are members of the Midlands Aerospace Alliance and the services we have been providing to businesses in the aerospace sector are certified by the AS9100 accreditation, which ensures we always meet and comply with industry standards and best practice.  

We specialise in laser cutting materials like aluminium, titanium and nickel alloys for aerospace use.  We also laser drill filters for aircraft hydraulic systems and carry out laser welding of both aircraft electronics packages and other parts for both aircraft and satellites

We have worked with a range of world-class businesses in the aerospace sector to manufacture, produce and assemble many intricate parts and components which meet the needs of one of the largest and most crucial industries in the world.  

Electronic box with a lid weld and a connector weld.
Laser drilled aerospace hydraulic filters.

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