We Celebrated Our 40th Year in Business!

This year marks our 40th anniversary and we are so proud to be celebrating such a special milestone. As part of the celebrations, last month we invited some of our industry contacts as well as local dignitaries to a breakfast event at our premises.

Founded by Maurice Gates and Neil Main in 1983, the Micrometric journey began with cutting sheet metal using innovative CO2 lasers. Now in 2023, we offer a wide range of services including laser drilling, precision machining, laser etching and more.

As a company we have grown continually since our launch and we have expanded into a range of industries including aerospace, automotive and medical. Neil remains as our Managing Director and continues to take the business from strength to strength.

VIP guests were invited to join our celebrations at a breakfast event held at our site with a laser tour led by Directors Chris and Neil. Guests had the opportunity to network with other industry experts and local representatives before joining a tour of the premises to learn all things laser. This was followed by a lovely breakfast spread with everything from homemade pastries and banana breads to avocado bagels, what a treat! As a team we were very excited to show how far we have come and it was lovely to have people so amazed by what we do.

The Mayor of Lincoln, Councillor Biff Bean, said: “Congratulations to Micrometric, 40 years is a significant achievement. I have really enjoyed the event. I have always wanted to look around a laser factory and I got the opportunity to do that today, so that has been ticked off my bucket list!”

On the laser tour Chris and Neil showcased our range of lasers and precision engineering as well as their knowledge and expertise. With decades of experience behind them, they definitely are right guys for the job.

Neil commented: “We are really pleased to have everyone join in with our celebrations for our 40th anniversary. Here’s to the next 40 years and beyond!’’

Chris Waters said: ‘’We are celebrating our 40th year in business with local dignities, our industry contacts, and our customers, who have been the key to our success. We are looking forward to growing with our customers and developing our technologies so we can give them exactly what they need in the future.’’

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