Precision in Laser Welding

In the world of laser manufacturing, achieving precision is often the key to success, especially in the welding of intricate components. At Micrometric, we take pride in our team of experts who utilise laser technology to create unparalleled precision in the welding process. In this blog post, we'll detail our capabilities and the meticulous approach we adopt to ensure both a high-quality service and end product.


We are equipped with a diverse array of lasers, including YAG and Fibre lasers with differing beam sizes that enable us to weld a broad range of parts with exact precision. Our wide range of lasers and expertise enables us to develop the right weld to minimise heat input and therefore distortion or any damage to temperature sensitive components; this is what sets us apart as a laser welder service. 


One of our standout services involves laser welding multiple thin-wall tubes into a stainless steel face, as part of a larger component that we also TIG weld. What makes this process truly unique is our ability to weld parts containing electronics, magnetics, or other temperature-sensitive components, ensuring the integrity of the entire assembly.

The range of powers and ability to vary the laser spot size of our lasers gives a wide range of power densities, which in turn allows a wide range of weld widths and depths. 

We utilise a range of power densities, varying from 100W to 1kW CW or modulated, and even pulsed lasers capable of providing up to 4.5kW peak power. The modulation and pulsing of lasers means we can control power input and therefore minimise temperature rise, crucial for welding delicate components.

Additionally, we offer the option of welding either autogenously or with wire feed. Depending on the parts, we can introduce different alloys through wire feed, adjusting the weldability of the component.

For specialised welds, such as titanium, we can fully enclose the components in an Argon atmosphere, utilising an enclosed helium Argon welding system ensures a high quality weld with minimal oxidisation, essential for welding medical components.

As part of our service, we can supply comprehensive weld analysis including cutting and measuring the weld depth and width, accompanied by photographs if required.

Interestingly, we can measure and record the temperature rise on the part during welding, even for exceptionally thin materials like the 0.1mm thick tube. Our expertise extends to welding very thin parts, differing thickness parts and dissimilar metals, showcasing our proficiency in handling a diverse range of welding challenges.


The scope of our capabilities encompasses a variety of metals, including 300 series stainless steel, Aluminium (grade dependant), pH grades, nickel alloys, various titanium alloys, higher carbon steels, and stainless steel. The diversity in materials that we can laser weld allows us to cater exactly to the client’s needs.

In the world of laser welding, Micrometric stands as an industry leader, prioritising both precision and quality. If you want to find out how our experts can help you or to discuss a personalised product, get in touch with our team.   

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