Sustainability at Micrometric

At Micrometric we use specialist resources, attention to detail and our expert knowledge to offer a well engineered, cost-effective and sustainable service. That’s why we need to understand our carbon footprint and the different type of emissions, classified as Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 as defined by the GHG (Greenhouse Gas) Protocol Corporate Standard. 

To improve our sustainability, we first need to focus on Scope 1: the direct GHG emissions we are responsible for, gas usage, vehicle emissions, process emissions and so on. The next step would be to focus on Scope 2: indirect emissions from purchased energy for example electricity. Finally, Scope 3 looks at the indirect value chain emissions, the emissions that occur in the supply chain for the company. 

Micrometric is developing plans to address Scope 1 and 2 which are within our control. We have addressed our emissions through: 

Purchasing more lasers that are more efficient by up to 30 to 40%, thereby reducing electricity usage 

Replacing all lighting with LED lighting 

Overhauling our heating system to ensure maximum efficiency  

There is more we can do, including purchase of electric vehicle fleet cars, looking at alternative heating methods, installing solar panels to reduce electricity usage, purchasing more efficient equipment to name but a few. We then need to help our smaller suppliers look at their emissions and let our large corporate suppliers know this is important to us and ask what they are doing. 

It is all our responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint and as a business we need to make our contribution. 

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