Sharpening Our Services with LaserCube

Allowing us to quote tolerances of half the thickness of before and more than tripling bed size, our new LaserCube is here to help us continue to create the top line of precision components.  

We recently bought a new precision laser cutter to replace our old JK precision laser. We are constantly striving to make our work the best it can possibly be – and this means continuous investment in the latest machinery. 

Because the LaserCube is also a fibre laser, it is more energy efficient. Unlike some laser cutting machines, the LaserCube is very flexible in terms of how precisely we can programme it to cut, enabling us to get better results in terms of quality and precision.  

Previously we quoted tolerances of +/-0.05mm with a 300mm x 300mm cutting bed and cutting speeds up to 200mm/min. The new LaserCube can cut to accuracies of +/-0.025mm with a 1250mm x 1250mm bed and cuts up to speeds of 20000mm/min. 

This big improvements in performance means we can provide a competitive service for laser cutting of precision parts for our customers. It has also enabled us to offer shorter lead times as the LaserCube is able to complete far more work at the same time. It is a win win for us, and we can pass those benefits on to the customer. 

The LaserCube is a truly versatile laser cutting system, using high-velocity stages and high CW power lasers to provide fast cutting of carbon steel parts and reflective metals such as copper, brass, and aluminium. 

Benefits of fibre lasers 

  • No need for laser gases 
  • Adjustment and maintenance free 
  • Smaller spot size for finer cutting 
  • Better cutting efficiency 
  • >40% wall-plug efficiency 

Benefits of the LaserCube 

  • Fast cutting for small parts 
  • High-force linear drives 
  • Low-mass head 
  • IPG fibre reliability 
  • No laser maintenance 
  • No mirrors to clean or align 
  • Low operating costs 
  • Low facilities costs 
  • Some models don’t require chillers 
  • Affordable 
  • Expanded capabilities - cuts brass and copper 
  • Single point service and support 
  • Designed, built, and supported by IPG 

If you have any questions about our laser cutting services click here, or contact us today. 

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