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Lincoln University students visit Micrometric - Micrometric

Posted by | February 06, 2017 | News | No Comments

File5Physics students from the University of Lincoln recently visited the Micrometric headquarters to show how physics is put into practice in the wider world. Micrometric, based in Lincoln and with strong links to the local universities and colleges largely focuses on engineering, producing precision engineered components for companies requiring prototypes, or production runs of new designs.  The University of Lincoln opened the School of Mathematics and Physics in 2014 to encourage students to build relationships with the industrial and commercial world allowing students to gain industrial experience as well as building contacts with potential employers.

Managing Director Neil Main, joined Micrometric Ltd in 1982, with a background in physics, he shares his experiences and knowledge first hand with aspiring engineers wanting to take a career path into engineering. Being on the External Advisory Board for the University as well he said: “We get involved in undergraduate and postgraduate projects where we offer advice, suggest projects or offer resources for students to use.” Neil guest lectures at the University in his spare time, as well as taking the role as the governor of Lincoln University College, a science and technology secondary school.  Whilst Universities are pushed to ensure their students are in employment within the first year of graduating, it is tough competition for young people to find work. Micrometric is one of many companies that offer work experience to aid projects etc. which in turn could lead to a career in various industries such as aerospace, automotive, medical, and many more.

He added that “more companies local or big should be encouraged to help and interact with others outside the business as much as possible.”  They do this by being part of Association of Industrial Laser Users (AILU) “we know, through AILU, many people at most Universities doing things with lasers. Sometimes we help them or they help us.” Micrometric will be exhibiting at SPARK Engineering Festival on the 5-7th May 2017, Lincoln Cathedral. This event is aimed for everyone ranging from old, young to families who want learn Lincoln’s engineering heritage.



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