As technology in the various market sectors evolves over time our customers increasingly find themselves coming across manufacturing issues that don’t have an obvious solution. Working in partnership with ourselves means that a knowledge transfer can take place to develop a mutually agreeable solution surrounding the technologies that we have been using for the last 30 years, but sometimes employing new ones. We have assisted our customers to take projects from the conceptual stage right through to full production often employing multiple processes in the final design. We offer a comprehensive service that can accommodate multiple processes to offer a module solution, in turn adding value in the supply chain to our customers. Here are some examples :

Process/Product Development Examples

The knowledge we have acquired over 30years of working with our customers we apply and embed into all relevant areas of our business. We actively encourage a culture of innovation and continuous improvement which brings benefits for our customers in terms of cost, quality and service.

Here are a few examples of the latest things we have been working on that have expanded our knowledge and expertise.

Laser Drilling

Often to very fine tolerances and geometries, this process is becoming more commonplace as other manufacturing methods struggle to achieve the required product definition for the customer. We are not only able to produce the holes within the components but verify the hole size against the customer’s requirements.

3D Printing

Is a new emerging technology that we are currently developing and offering with our customer base, as well as having links with the University of Lincoln and its Technology Hub to drive it forward.

Precision Laser Cutting

We are provided a complex machined component blank by our customer, which we then produce a finished component from. This component requires it’s features to be positioned and finished to a high degree of accuracy because of its application. Working in partnership with the customer and employing an open communication strategy we have been able to achieve the accuracy consistently to meet the customer’s requirements.