This process/technology makes it possible to drill very small, shaped and accurate holes in parts. At Micrometric we can use a number of methods to give you the laser drilled part you require.

Other advantages of laser drilling are brought about due to the non-contact nature of laser machining and the controlled input of heat to the part. To know which method of Laser drilling is right for your application or part, get in touch and we will be glad to help.


Is used for larger holes (>0.3mm) and gives very accurate hole diameter and roundness with high aspect ratio holes being possible.

Percussion Drilling

Can be used to drill small holes (<0.3mm) through thick sections.

On-the-Fly Drilling

Alternatively, On-the-Fly Drilling can be used to drill large numbers of small holes in components at high speed. In this “one pulse, one hole” method of drilling, holes between 50 and 250 µm can be drilled through ferrous materials up to 1mm in thickness