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Fine laser engraving of B & O headphones for Wiggins

Posted by | August 12, 2015 | Laser marking, News | No Comments

Amongst other world records and Olympic gold medals, UK cycle champion Sir Bradley Wiggins recently broke the Hour Record, going further in one hour than anyone else previously achieved.  Cycling 54,526 metres in 60 minutes, Sir Bradley took the record from British cyclist Alex Dowsett by almost a mile at Lee Valley Velodrome in London on 7 June 2015.

To commemorate this occasion Lincoln businessman Gavin Sykes commissioned Micrometric to laser etch the number 54526 onto a pair of customised Bang & Olufsen (B & O) Beoplay H6 headphones.  The headphones were customised by Rapha cycle clothing supplier and sponsor of Team Sky, and are designed to be worn by cyclists when travelling or in their warm up and recovery periods, during which many world class cyclists are accustomed to listening to music for motivation or distraction from pain.


The body of the headphones is made from lightweight colour-anodised aluminium which is a perfect application for laser engraving or etching since very fine detail can be produced and contrast is excellent.  Removing the anodised material reveals the bright white aluminium surface and this technique is used in many industrial and commercial products where the laser marking is permanent, fast and easily automated.

Gavin Sykes presented the headphones to Sir Bradley Wiggins during the British National Road Cycling Championships which were held in Lincoln at the end of June 2015.  Gavin had previously used Micrometric for laser etching so was aware of the capabilities available at Micrometric.

Sir Bradley was delighted with the headphones and is a big fan of B & O products, after receiving the gift, he invited Gavin to a 2 hour ride north of Lincoln culminating in an assent of the cobbled Michaelgate.

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