Having AS9100 accreditation, we are used to working with customers who demand high standards of quality for their components. We are no strangers to producing components and performing manufacturing operations as a sub-contractor that meet the customer’s expectations and the rigours of the modern aerospace environment. Working in partnership with our customers we help them develop often highly complex and technical solutions to their manufacturing problems.


The Automotive market sector is similar to the Aerospace sector in that its demanding industry quality standards. Our automotive customer base ranges from sub-contract developers in existing and emerging technologies supporting vehicle OEM’s to Formula 1 and WRC teams requiring precision, quality and a prompt service. We are familiar with and have completed product approvals including PPAP’s for numerous parts, having our own CMM and other measuring equipment gives us a great advantage.

Energy Generation

A substantial portion of our business is servicing the requirements of customers in this sector from gas turbines to nuclear power. Their requirements are often complex and require multiple processes including bending, grinding and heat treatment amongst others. As a market sector there is not an industry standard quality criteria so we have to remain flexible to their needs but still maintain the highest standards associated with this market sector.

Medical Devices

Medical devices usually require a high degree of precision and quality in their construction even at component level. Our medical projects are treated with the care and respect that they deserve to achieve the quality finish required. Full traceability is usually a pre-requisite especially when components are produced in large numbers, we are able to offer laser marking of serial numbers on cut parts.

Oil & Gas

The harshness of the oil and gas exploration environment means that material choice is key to the application and its success. Working in partnership with our customers we advise them on material selection and then select the relevant materials for the project in question, to produce components often under technically difficult manufacturing conditions to meet their requirements and add value in the supply chain.


From telecoms to consumer electronics, the demands of this sector require a focus on volume handling to preserve good appearance as well as dimensional accuracy. Where necessary we make special handling equipment to preserve product quality. The range of products we make for this sector cuts across all areas of the business from cutting panels and copper contacts/busbars, laser marking front panels we have had anodised and laser welding boxes containing electronic components to give an hermetic seal.


In order for our customers to produce their measuring products, they require a supplier like ourselves to produce accurate and sometimes detailed parts consistently. The parts require positional accuracy as well detail accuracy in order to meet that criteria. Whatever the material we are able to meet our customer’s needs with a manufacturing solution to suit.

General Engineering

As well as all the other market sectors mentioned, we offer a simplistic mass production laser cutting, welding and drilling service. Cutting mainly in Mild Steel, Stainless Steel & Aluminium for profile parts. We are able to cut a variety of thicknesses plus a selection of other standard and more exotic materials, if you don’t see it listed – just ask!