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AILU Additive Manufacturing Workshop - Micrometric

Posted by | March 24, 2016 | News | No Comments

On the 22nd March Neil Main MD of Micrometric attended an AILU workshop on Additive Manufacturing.  This brought together a range of speakers from industry and academia with a variety of perspectives on the state-of-the-additive-nation. Talks covered the whole topic of Additive Manufacturing, with machine makers detailing their latest offerings alongside materials suppliers showcasing advances in feedstock technology. The UK academic base was well represented and leading researchers offered an insight into their latest research. An overview of Japanese AM trends was offered by the keynote speaker; Prof Hideki Kyogoku of Kinki University.

Neil found the first three talks especially interesting and relevant for Micrometric as they were about using lasers for selective laser melting (SLM) of powders.  This is a technology that Micrometric is developing capabilities in as it can be used for rapid prototyping or making parts where traditional manufacturing processes restrict the design of components.  Additive manufacturing has been extensively used for aerospace and medical applications.

The workshop was rounded up with an especially interesting and inspirational talk by Richard Trimlett a heart surgeon at Royal Brompton Hospital, about current and future uses of this technology.  Additive manufacturing had been used for making very small equipment used in heart operations; particularly fascinating was a tiny “sewing machine” for applying sutures to tissue to sew a wound up when doing key-hole surgery.

If you have a wish to discuss any requirements you have for Additive Manufacturing or any other sub-contract manufacturing then do not hesitate to contact us.

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